Why Would I Start a Lifestyle Blog?

Why Would I Start a Lifestyle Blog?

Why would I start a lifestyle blog? Or more accurately, why would I (or you) ever start anything? Especially something where the chance of success and return on investment is relatively low?

Well friends… it has officially been 6 months since I started posting weekly on my blog. I made a promise to myself in January, 2020 I would post EVERY Monday on my blog and I’ve (pretty much) kept that promise every week. I am even slowly starting to move to Mondays and Thursdays. In honour of my first 6 months of blogging, and many lessons learned, I thought I would share WHY I started a lifestyle blog and more accurately, why I started any side project at all despite knowing the difficulty and hard work involved.

Why Do We Do Hard Things?

Starting off with the hardest question. WHY do we do hard things. Why do we take on difficult tasks. ESPECIALLY when we don’t have to. Well. I have a few thoughts on that.

Doing hard tasks make us happierI love a good goal as I am sure you know. One of the reasons I love goals is that I want to constantly improve, and one of the very best ways to improve is to challenge yourself. But another reason I love goals and trying new things is that working towards being the best version of myself makes me happy. Truly happy. When I started this blog. When I started my photography business. When I decided to take TWO majors and a minor instead of just one in university. These challenges (that I by no means had to do) make me happy because I am working towards a better version of myself.

Accomplishing something difficult builds our self confidenceSimilar to making us better (and happier) taking on hard tasks and accomplishing them builds up our confidence. If we stick with the easy things we won’t grow our confidence in our own abilities.

We all want life to be more interesting The more difficult life is often the more interesting one. I have never read a biography about someone who went to work, paid bills, and went to the gym for their entire life. Choosing to take on hard tasks makes your life more complicated, but also richer and more entertaining.

>>> For an amazing blog post diving deeper into why we should do hard things, read this post by author Scott H Young: Do Hard Things.

Why (Specifically) Start a Blog?

I am a creative and I love finding new ways to create. That is the short and easy answer. But we do hard things here (LOL) so here is a bit more of a breakdown: I started a blog several years ago for a high school project. The blog sat dormant for a while after the project ended. I re-designed and began blogging again about a year ago because I had just graduated from university and I loved the idea of having a creative outlet for my writing – which I did so much of in school and was really missing.

It felt a little like a journal of sorts, and not only a journal but also an opportunity to create a brand and a business beyond my photography. Yes, my goal has always been to eventually turn this into a business! When I started sharing my posts on Facebook around 10 months ago I had a really positive response from family & friends (thank you all by the way). And in the past 6 months I have gone from around 30 page views per month to almost 500. Still nowhere near where I would like to be but that growth is so motivating and exciting.

Blogging has been accused of being too saturated a market and many people think blogging is a dying art. But I don’t care. I love doing my weekly blogs. I love when someone reaches out and says that they felt inspired or impacted by a random thought or strategy I shared. And although there are many, many weeks and days where I feel uninspired or like I am wasting energy on such a big project, I am becoming a better writer, I am helping others with finance, self development, and health goals, and I get to look back on this journal or growth and learning for years to come.

Why Passion Projects are Important

Starting a passion project like a blog or a podcast or a side hustle where you sell scrunchies or accounting services or WHATEVER is hard. So hard (believe me, if you thought taxes were tricky before….) but if we didn’t grab those passion projects and bust our butts to make them thrive, we would be leaving opportunities behind. Do not be afraid to fail. Do not be afraid to suck. You have a passion for a reason and taking on challenges makes your life richer, fuller, more interesting, and yes, harder and more complicated. But when I look back on even JUST the past 6 months I am literally astonished at how valuable projects like this are in my life.

So go for it.