Why (My) Money Matters

Why (My) Money Matters

I really care about money. Specifically, I really care about MY money. That statement may sound a little aggressive or frivolous but it’s not. Money matters. Having money matters. UNDERSTANDING money matters. And I am going to explain exactly WHY and HOW it matters (hint…it has nothing to do with your self worth or how much “stuff” you own). So buckle up and get ready to shift your money mindset!

Well…Money Doesn’t Really Matter

To start with, I want to clear something up. Money itself (the actual coins and numbers in our bank accounts that we call money) doesn’t really matter. In fact, in the book ‘Sapiens‘ by Yuval Noah Harari it is explained – very well I might add – that money doesn’t even really exist. It is a collective fiction.

This collective fiction means that we all agree to pretend that money has value for convenience. For example, we don’t have to go around with bags of food or tools, bartering with people all the time to get other items we need (that honestly sounds like a bit of a pain).

Despite money’s convenience, the money itself doesn’t REALLY matter. That is something I want to make abundantly clear. What really matters is what you can do with this tool and how understanding it and using it properly helps you with things that really do matter.

Spreading Kindness Matters

There are many things that matter more than money: Family, health, the earth, crushing your goals, etc etc etc. And when we think about these things that we care about so deeply, we obviously want to have the time and energy for them. And understanding money and how to use it actually helps us in these goals, dreams, and priorities!

For example, if you have a cause you care deeply about and you want to donate time or resources to that cause, think about what you can do now. Perhaps donate a small/medium sized amount and donate an hour of your time on the weekend. But if you had more money – and time – think of how much more you could give and how much larger your impact could be!

This is something I think we often forget about money: Not everyone wants it for a bigger house. Or a third car. Or a pool renovation. Many people want to make a bigger difference or to spread more kindness to their communities and causes they care about.

Living the Life of Your Dreams Matters

Want to take more holidays? Want to only shop organic? Want to create a foundation for kids who want to become doctors? Want to run a kick-ass business that employs good people and works towards an incredible purpose? That’s amazing! Go for it!

Your dreams matter. And one way to make these dreams a reality is to learn about, understand, make lots of, and intentionally spend your money. PLUS, the more you learn and understand, the more confident you will become. And confidence is an awesome thing to have as you go forward to create an incredible life.

That is Why (My) Money Matters

The title of this post may be deceiving (I kinda meant for that to happen) because it seems like a selfish explanation about my love for money. But what that (My) stands for is the decisions and goals that each of us as individuals have for our lives, and the impact we want to have on the world. Obviously money is no replacement for kindness and love and forgiveness. But what it does offer us is a chance to go after the kind of life and world that we want.

Ultimately, this post is an explanation about why I share money-management and mindset content on my tiny corner of the internet. Because I believe that everyone, with a bit of help, can understand money and then use that knowledge and confidence to go after their biggest, most extraordinary dreams.

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As always, Belle