What Happens When You Establish Personal Values

What Happens When You Establish Personal Values

Whenever I struggle with whether I should make a purchase, or with making a big decision, I like to check-in with my values to see if the purchase or decision aligns with them. Do you know what your personal values are? Do you check-in with them if you feel unsure about something? By the end of this post you’ll be clear on how to create your own personal values and why they help you in moments of uncertainty (insert heart emoji here).

What is a Personal Value?

Having a few strong core values is an important step in making decisions that feel good and keep you moving forward towards your goals. You might wonder what a ‘personal value’ is though. Well. An example could be, ‘family’ or ‘personal wealth’ or ‘honesty’ or ‘healthy body and mind’ or ‘leadership’ or ‘service’. SO many options. But pretty much, I think of it as a thing that really matters to you. A value, personality trait, or aspect of life that you prioritize.

What are YOUR Personal Values?

To decide what your personal values are, I recommend grabbing a pen and paper and brainstorming a few things:

1) What are some of the things that make you most proud? Maybe you completed a race a few years ago? Maybe you saved up and bought something big for yourself? Maybe it’s the strong relationship with your partner?

2) What are some of your biggest life goals? Travel to Italy? Own a home? Have a family?

3) What personality traits matter the most to you? Do you value authenticity? Positivity? Ambition?

Look through these three lists and identify some specific themes. Travel? Financial Independence? Entrepreneurship? Nutrition? Intelligence? Write down the themes that come from these lists and that is the beginning of the list of your personal values! Keep in mind that you can have a big list or a small one, and it can change over time.

If you are still feeling stuck, take a look at this list of over 50 core values for examples!

How Personal Values Help You

Once you have your list of personal values established, you have set yourself up for success. Because next time you feel uncertain about a decision, you can check in with yourself and your values to make sure they’re aligned.

I have turned down job opportunities that didn’t align with some of my personal values (financial freedom, creativity, independence) and I have made purchases that moved me forward in my goals by checking in with my values. Having some values that you really prioritize is a great tool to make decisions confidently.

Well now you know how to sort through your core values and use them to make decisions that are aligned with your priorities and goals. If you loved this post, you can subscribe to my newsletter to never miss out on new blog posts and get exclusive information on health, wealth, and becoming your best self.

Always, Belle