West Coast Road Trip: Newport Beach & Disneyland

West Coast Road Trip: Newport Beach & Disneyland

There are times during every holiday or trip when you start to wonder if you are truly having fun, or whether you are simply telling yourself that you are having fun just because you are on holiday. As Josh and I waited in a 100 meter line up filled with crying children and impatient adults with rain pouring down on us outside Disneyland at 8:00am, that was my moment.

By mid-morning we had made it into the park, ridden a few rides and the sun was shining. We really were having a wonderful time despite our miserable start. I had never experienced Disneyland before and I have to be honest, for years I never thought Disneyland would be a place I would enjoy. I of course was happily surprised and we had an absolute blast feeling like a kid for three days.

In May 2019 my boyfriend, Josh, and I drove down the west coast from our hometown on Vancouver Island, Canada, to Las Vegas, Nevada and back. This is the third blog post of the series detailing our trip. I hope it provides some practical information and some travel inspiration.

Day Eight

The start of our second week was a stop in Newport Beach. We parked, $8 US, and had the most charming day walking the beach. We walked along the pier, had some coffee, 3$ US, and donuts from Seaside Donuts, $2 US. I have never been a huge fan of donuts but the Seaside Donuts on Newport Beach were enough to get me hooked.

We were delighted to see a farmer’s market where we feasted on fresh strawberries, $4 US. We strolled along the pathway with grand views of the most dreamy beach homes. We decided we would happily live in any of the gorgeous beach houses as soon as one of us won the lottery.

We ate tacos at Dory’s Deli for lunch, $22 US, which were delicious after a long day of beach walking. We headed back to our Santa Ana Airbnb for a rest before dinner and drinks at Karl Strauss, $55 US.

Total: $94

Day Nine

Our first official day at Disneyland and the morning I mentioned in the beginning of the post. We left our Airbnb and drove around 20 minutes to our Anaheim Hotel, the Country Inn at Raddison. The Raddison was so lovely and let us park in their parking lot while we headed to Disneyland in the pouring rain.

Besides the rain the day went very well. I was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling. By 1:00pm we had gone on four rides and enjoyed a cream cheese pretzel, $7 US. The Star Wars ride was my favourite! We walked back to our hotel and had Chipotle for lunch, $20 US, before checking in and having a nap. We went back to Disney later in the evening and did six more rides! I tried Dole Whip for the first time, $7 US, and had dinner late that night in the pizza place in downtown Disney, $21 US. Walked 20km that day!

Total: $55

Day Ten

The Raddison has breakfast included, which we enjoyed before we headed to Disneyland for 8:20am. We didn’t bring any bags and there was a “no-bag line” which got us in more quickly than the day before. We went to California Adventure and started the day with “Soaring Over The World” and “Grizzly Run” where we got absolutely soaked by the geyser. Josh loved the “Incredicoaster” and the highlight of my day was seeing “Frozen: The Musical” which was so well done and I was singing along the whole time. 

We bought lunch at the California pizza kitchen, $35 US, which was quite tasty. We grabbed a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, $9 US, to bring back to our hotel room to watch Stranger Things until around 4:30 when we headed back for more rides. 

Total: $44

Day Eleven

Last day of Disney! We spent the morning and evening going on rides and seeing the sights but the majority of the day was spent at the hotel pool reading and swimming. We ate lunch at House of Blues, $36 US, which had a delicious southern-style menu. We also went to Brewheim, a local craft brewery, for some tasters, $30 US. We chatted with the bartender and it was decidedly our favourite beer we had during our trip. 

Total: $66 US

Day Twelve

Disneyland was amazing. The rides and the characters and the energy were all filled with so much joy. And so many adorable little kids! We calculated that we had walked 61 km in three days and needless to say, I was tuckered out. We had a slow morning with a sleep in before we went shopping at the outlet mall, Outlets at Orange, $63 US.

Lunch was possibly my favourite of the trip, $24 US, with fresh sandwiches and salads at Corner Bakery Cafe. We grabbed groceries, $30 US, before heading to our Huntington Beach Airbnb and watched the sunset on the beach.

Total: $117


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