Trusting The Timing of Your Life (While Working Your Butt Off)

Trusting The Timing of Your Life (While Working Your Butt Off)

If I could hop back in time for a quick minute to share some wisdom with 16-year-old me I would say, “Belle, honey, you’ve got to start trusting the timing of your life – but that doesn’t mean you should stop working your butt off.”

I might also mention that I should take FULL advantage of my University Health Benefits because, well, health benefits are awesome and not guaranteed in every job. But back to the timing and working hard bit…

Working Your Butt Off Is Important

I am a huge fan of the value of hard work and an even bigger fan of working smart. More than either of those things though, I really 100% believe that you have the power to make big, incredible, positive change in your life. And that does not happen by sitting on the couch.

So working hard while believing in your dreams, goals, and ultimately yourself is so very important. I know deep down in my bones that everyone has that power to change their life for the better. But what I am slowly learning – and I would want to share with the younger version of me – is that we don’t always get to choose WHEN that goal will become a reality, no matter how much we plan and work at it.

The Timing of Your Life is Not Up to You

Call it whatever you want. I call it God, but I also sometimes call it the Universe. It doesn’t matter what word you give it. What I am talking about is the faith and belief that there is a larger plan for your life. It’s the understanding that setbacks are not the end of the story. Building this trust muscle is hard. It takes some serious introspection and a healthy dose of perspective.

The way I started to really start to trust the timing of my life is by reflecting on the past and how the assumptions I had for my life – and the goals I had – have shifted and changed again and again. Looking back and noticing how you got to where you are now is a great way to build trust in the future.

Hindsight is 2020

When I was in high school I really thought I wouldn’t date anyone. I really thought I would wait until I got to University or I would meet someone through a coworker. There wasn’t really a reason I thought this – It’s just one of those things you realize you are assuming about your life. ‘I’ll date in college.’ The same way I thought that I would be a teacher and I would never drink coffee.

I was wrong about so many things. I dated one boy in high school and we celebrated 5 years together this year. I work in marketing and photography and I even own my own business. I get ridiculously excited about my morning coffee and I NEVER would have guessed that two years of my early twenties would be spent helping my family as my sister battled cancer.

Looking back at these major shifts in my life (the things that DID happen at the time I expected and the things that came out of left field and hit me in the head) makes me grateful, a little sad, and helps my mindset about the present and the future.

You Got This

The hardest thing about realizing that you both have complete power over your actions, goals, and dreams, as well as have no control over the timing of your life, is that you have to balance these at the same time – forever!

It’s tough – but you are tougher. If your life looks different than those around you, or a global pandemic puts your plans on hold, remember to breathe, count your small wins, get back to trusting the timing of your life, and then go back to chasing those goals with everything you’ve got.

Always, Belle