The 6 Podcast Episodes That Made My 2019

The 6 Podcast Episodes That Made My 2019

When I was a kid (I know, I know, not that long ago) my sisters and I listened to story tapes almost constantly. We listened to Robert Munsch while we drew pictures, and Jim Dale narrated Harry Potter while we fell asleep. Needless to say, I hopped right on the podcast train when they started gaining popularity several years ago. This past year I have listened to hours and hours of business advice, girl chats, philosophy musings, and murder mysteries. However, a few specific episodes were real highlights for me this year.

The following podcast episodes were the ones that made me stop and think, cry, laugh, and provided tangible value and inspiration to my life. I highly recommend any and all of these episodes to help you start off your 2020 with a positive mindset.

Our First-Ever HoCo Fireside Chat with Rachel and Scott Miller | Episode 123 | The Rise Podcast | by Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is the woman behind the New York Time bestsellers, “Girl, Wash Your Face”, and “Girl, Stop Apologizing”. She is also my latest girl crush/boss-babe inspiration. This episode is an interview with Scott Miller, a leadership expert and author of Management Mess to Leadership Success. The highlight of this episode for me was when Scott talked about defining your own personal values and then living by them first and foremost. The conversation had so many big ideas and tangible takeaways that I have put it on my “listen again” list.

This episode is good for self-help, business advice, & leadership advice.

Approaching With Kindness |Episode aired January 17 | TED Radio Hour | by NPR

The TED Radio Hour is an hour-long podcast that uses TED speakers and talks to discuss a specific topic, hosted by Guy Raz. This episode is honestly the most eye-opening and heart-warming hour of discussion. The topic is how to bring more gratitude into your life, and listening to the ways people do this is astounding. I was blown away by Author AJ Jacobs and his journey of thanking every person who was responsible for helping him have his morning coffee. It gave me so much perspective on gratitude and kindness.

This episode is good for gratitude, perspective, & shifting your mindset.

How Dual Career Couples Balance Work, Life, Family, and Change with Dave Hollis | Episode 52 | The Rise Podcast | by Rachel Hollis

The Rise Podcast earned a second spot on my list because this interview with host Rachel Hollis and her husband Dave inspired me in two big ways. The first is to work on having an exceptional relationship. Hearing these two people, who both have thriving careers (& four kids!!), talk about how they keep their relationship strong and how they strive for an exceptional marriage instead of just a great one, really got me motivated to work on my relationship. The other is to be impeccable with my words. Rachel and Dave talked a lot about having tough conversations with each other, and the way they spoke to each other through the episode was so thoughtful and clear. It was a special episode because it wasn’t just about relationships, but it also was, you’ll just have to listen to see what I mean.

This episode is good for marriage/partnership advice, self-help, and shifting your mindset.

How I’m Building Passive Income as a Food Photographer | Episode 163 | Fire Drill Podcast | by Gwen & J

The Fire Drill Podcast is a podcast all about achieving financial freedom and retiring early. Each episode, J interviews someone who is on their way/has achieved financial independence (FI) or early retirement. The ways people accomplish this goal is honestly amazing. From real estate to van life to job hopping, there are many ways to achieve FI and I have been getting financial inspiration and ideas from Fire Drill for a year or two now. In this episode, J interviews Joanie Simon about how she started a food photography company and came up with courses and workshops so she could make a passive income. Joanie’s story is amazing and if you are looking for the extra motivation to start a side hustle or expand your business goals, I highly recommend!

This episode is good for financial tips, business advice, and motivation.

Valentine Thomas | Episode 1162 | The Joe Rogan Experience | by Joe Rogan

If you asked me who I think is the coolest, most bad ass woman out there, I might just have to say Valentine Thomas. Joe Rogan has created a podcast where he conducts (extremely) long interviews with people from all walks of life. This particular episode he chats with Valentine Thomas, a former lawyer who switched her life path to chase a life of happiness and sustainability as a spearfisherwoman. I mean, do I even need to say any more? I learned so much about spearfishing, the fishing industry, and honestly I was just so inspired by Valentine’s story of chasing happiness.

This episode is good for inspiration, motivation, and life stories.

How to Hit Your Profit Goals Through Price Setting | Episode 300 | The Goal Digger Podcast | by Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is so good at what she does. She started out as a wedding photographer, and has built herself a multi-million dollar business as a marketing expert and digital guru. If you have a creative side hustle, freelance work, or a small business, this pricing strategy episode is incredibly helpful. I recommend taking notes while listening to her episode – her strategy really made me look at how I have been valuing my work and myself.

This episode is good for business advice, financial advice, and inspiration.

And those are the six (out of many) podcast episodes that really made my 2019. The big theme for me this year was business, finance, and inspiration. Those were the areas where I sought out value from this past year and these episodes delivered.

If you have any podcast episodes that made your 2019, or if you listen to any of the above episodes, please let me know! Shoot me a message on my instagram or through my contact page – I am always looking for more value-filled episodes and sharing resources is one of the best parts of online community.

xx ~ Belle