How to Work Freelance From Home: A Day in my Life

How to Work Freelance From Home: A Day in my Life

Whether you are looking for a peek into my daily life, you want to see how to work freelance from home, or you want some general work from home tips & ideas, this post has it all. I started turning my side hustle into my full time business just a couple months ago and I thought I would share my new daily lifestyle with you.

Morning Routine

Having a set routine every morning has helped me a lot. When I used to think of daily water or movement or tidying as an “option” I now look at my routine as second-nature. This takes repetition and commitment but it pays off in spades. My morning routine hasn’t shifted too much since I started to work freelance from home, but it does set the tone of my day so I thought I would share.

> Wake up at 7:00 am
> Tidy the house // do dishes // sweep the floors etc.
> Glass of water // put on a podcast
> Workout // home HIIT workout or run
> Shower // make coffee
> Gratitude journal // start work at 9:00 am

Work From Home Set Up

My little office is actually my kitchen table. I used to have a desk in my living room but I just like having my work area in the main room of my house. There is more space, more light, and it’s closer to the kitchen for coffee & snacks. Having a designated office space (even if it’s a bit makeshift) has made my day a bit more organized and when I sit down at my “desk” I feel ready to get things done. That said – sometimes I like moving to other areas of my house if I am struggling with my creativity or productivity. It helps break up the day. Sometimes I stand and type at my breakfast nook or move to the couch in the evenings.

If you work freelance from home (or are working from home due to covid) I recommend having a designated work space. Tidying that specific space before starting work helps with focus – like clearing off your table or sweeping the floor. Try facing a direction that has a nice view and plenty of light if possible. Mostly, it should be a space that feels good but not so good you could have a nap (working in bed is not a great vibe).

Staying Healthy at Home

Healthy living is one of my core values. So when I started to work freelance from home I wanted to create routines and schedules that incorporated healthy patterns into my day.

Morning Hydration: Every day I have it on my checklist to drink three big glasses of water before noon.

Morning Movement: Starting my day with 30 minutes of movement (at-home youtube workouts are AMAZING) has made movement a big part of how I start each day.

Walking Meetings: If I have a call or meeting I do it while I am on a walk to get me on my foot at various times throughout the day.

Evening Walks: Every evening (or sometimes afternoon) Josh and I like to take a walk to get some fresh air before dinner (or more work).

Keep Good Snacks Around: I definitely eat better when we have healthy snacks in the house (like cut-up veggies, hummus, or peanut butter) versus when there are lots of chips and baking. I also like to prepare things like chia seed pudding or smoothies to have with me in the mornings for when I get peckish.

Work Schedule

For someone who loves checklists and schedules, I actually struggle quite a lot with my workday schedule. But with a bit of determination I have slowly set up this daily schedule…

> Start work at 9:00 am.
> Check my inbox / do admin work till 9:30am.
> Work till about 11:45am doing all of my client’s social media posting/content preparation and creation.
> Next up is lunch.
> After lunch my day always looks a bit different depending on what projects I have on my plate, but I try to work for 2-hour blocks of time and then take 15 minute breaks (tidy the house, stretch, walk, grab a snack).

Work schedules are difficult to enforce on your own, I often forget to take breaks or get drawn into my inbox when I don’t want to be. But trial and error is okay and I am slowly putting together a schedule that feels good.

Freelancing Tools

Whether you are working from home, have a side hustle, or are a freelancer, these tools are wonderful resources to stay on track and make your life easier:

> Toggl: This is a wonderful, FREE, time-tracking app. I tried a few free apps for tracking my billable time but this one is the simplest and most intuitive.
> Canva: This is also FREE (although the paid pro version is also incredible) and I use Canva for so many things! From creating pins for pinterest, to designing social media graphics, to crafting mood boards and business cards. This is a design tool that is simple to use and very effective.
> Voxer: This app is very similar to WhatsApp except there is a setting that allows for a “touch and record” feature for leaving voice notes (so you don’t have to hold down the record button). One of my clients recommended this app and now I wish I could communicate with everyone on Voxer.
> Pen-and-paper: I really love putting pen to paper for schedules and lists. As helpful as apps like Asana and Google Calendar are, I always highly recommend sticking with pen and paper for big lists and planning.

After Work – What’s That?

With freelancing and running your own business, I find that it is hard to feel that my work day is ever “done”. Sometimes I use my evenings to unwind and relax with friends, a walk, or something creative like journalling. But sometimes evenings are the perfect time for blogging, newsletter writing, or photo editing.

But Josh and I usually make dinner and watch something on Netflix at some point in the evening. Then when Josh goes to bed (he gets to bed early because he wakes up at 4:00am for work) I have a couple more hours of either rest or more work time.

And that, friends, is what a typical day looks like for me these days. Nothing glamorous, but I am loving the routine and the challenge of running my own business. Some days are really hard and others are much more rewarding. If you’d like to see more of what my days include, follow me on Instagram at where I post most of my days on my stories.

I hope you picked up a habit or resource from this day in my life that will create some value in your own daily life. And if you love

As Always, Belle