How to Successfully Workout at Home

How to Successfully Workout at Home

Tired of depending on the gym but the thought of doing a workout at home leaves you rolling your eyes and settling back onto the couch? I’ve been there. Started an at-home workout and quit after 10 squats? Also been there. Working out at home always sounded like such a great option to save money and time, but for some reason it is also so much more difficult to get motivated at home. But I’m here to tell you that I have cracked the code on how to workout at home – regular workouts that push my limits and are actually fun.

The Hard Truth: You Must Create a Habit

I workout at home every single morning. I wake up, put on a sports bra, and workout. Whenever I break this daily habit I feel the negative effects for the whole day (I am sluggish, uninspired, and I often have trouble focusing). But I am going to be honest. Building a habit is HARD WORK. It doesn’t happen overnight. It took me 4 months to really create my daily workout habit. But here is the hard truth, working out at home only starts to come easy when motivation is not a factor – and instead it is a habitual activity.

So start small. I started with 30 minutes of ANY kind of movement every day – no excuses! We should all be able to find 30 minutes for squats or walks or stretching. Find the time that you feel best. Maybe before bed? Or maybe over your lunch hour? If you start small, choose the right time for your schedule, and do it every day, you will slowly start to create that habit that will make home workouts a daily routine.

Don’t Create Your Own Workouts

Creating your own workout routines might sound like a great idea at first, but I found that when I came up with my own routine I wouldn’t work as hard and I would usually stop early. Instead, find some youtube videos to follow that fit your fitness style. If you have 3-4 trainers you love to follow you will always have a new workout that works with your space, equipment, and abilities. No motivation required – just follow along!

These are a few of my favourite fitness videos and trainers to workout at home with:

Madfit on Youtube: Pilates-style workouts with no equipment required. She also has some fun dance workout videos if I just want to have fun (although I make sure no one is home to see my crazy moves lol).

Leansquad on Youtube: These workouts are no joke! Sometimes I do the 20 minutes HIIT full-body workouts and sometimes I do 10 minute ab workouts – sometimes you can mix up a few of them. Also no equipment needed!

Zanna van Dijk on Youtube and Instagram: What I love about Zanna’s real-time videos is she is sweating and breathing hard right along with me so I don’t feel alone when I am dying through one of her workouts!

Move the Way You Enjoy Moving

I love all kinds of movement, running and hiking, but also yoga and HIIT. But at certain times of year I lean towards one or the other. In nice weather you may want to get outside to workout. Or maybe you just LOVE running more than anything else. All I have to say to that is, you GO run! Move in the way that you actually enjoy and you will be much more likely to make it a habit. Make sure you have a variety (adding in stretching or some push ups is a great way to do this) but if you know what you like there is no harm in embracing that movement while you are creating your daily habit.

And that’s all! With these three tips, you now have the tools I have used to actually love working out at home. No need to buy special equipment or have a home gym, nope. Just some mindset shifts about workout out as a HABIT, moving the way you like to move, and smashing motivation by following video workouts. Want more tips about health? Subscribe to my newsletter that is packed with tips about health, money, and mindset. Subscribe here. Happy exercising!