How to Have Money for the Holidays in 4 Steps

How to Have Money for the Holidays in 4 Steps

What if you weren’t stressed about November and December coming up and you actually knew how to HAVE money for the Holidays? Well – Although I can’t promise a completely no-stress Holiday season, I have found a simple 4-part strategy for having a ‘budget’ for added, seasonal costs.

Using these four – SUPER simple – tips below, I have stayed within a budget and spent my money intentionally over the Holidays for the past couple of years. The Holidays sure are more enjoyable when you know you have money specifically for those decorations and (most importantly) that bottle of baileys.

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How to Have Money for the Holidays: Step 1

Step Number One… The Power of Planning Ahead

My number one strategy for saving up money for the Holiday season is to plan ahead. If you think a few months, or even a year, in advance you’ll have so much more time to plan and save for your spending.

>>> I like to start saving in September. But depending on how many added costs you have around the Holidays you could start saving and planning earlier or later! Have a time booked in your calendar well before the Holiday season to sit down and plan out what your costs will be and how you will save for them.

How to Have Money for the Holidays: Step 2

Step Number Two… Pick and Choose What To Pay For This Year

When you sit down and plan your Holiday spending, you will want to think about WHAT exactly the added costs for the season will be. Once you know the costs associated with each part of your Holiday season you will have a better idea of what you can take on this year, and how much you will need to save to make that a reality.

>>> A few examples of things I think of are… What activities will we do over the holidays? Who do I need to purchase gifts for? Are there price-limits or agreed-on budgets for these gifts? What meals will I be making? Will I be donating money? Where to? Etc. Etc.

It seems overwhelming for a second. But writing it all down actually feels so much better than having it all in my head. This way I can start to pick-and-choose what costs I will have and see how much I need to save.

How to Have Money for the Holidays: Step 3

Step Number Three... Make More or Spend Less

So now you have an idea of how much you will need to save for your Holiday season. Now it is time to actually do the saving. It’s too bad but there is no magical way to save money. Just two simple principles: Make More or Spend Less. However. The good thing is that there are many tips and tricks on how to accomplish those two principles…

>>> Here are a few of my tips and tricks for both making more and spending less money in time for the holidays…

1) Save up your grocery store points to save money on Holiday groceries when the time comes.
2) Look at your regular activities spending – maybe going out to eat, online shopping, etc and cut back for a few months to save some dollars.
3) If you come into unexpected extra cash (garage sale, friend pays you back, bonus at work) pop that right into a ‘Holiday’ account.
4) Make a Holiday Account. Keep it SEPARATE and it will be more noticeable and you’ll get excited as you build towards your goal.
5) Pick up some extra shifts or projects at work. Or get a side gig for a short-term way to make a little extra.
6) Take a look at your subscriptions and regular payments. Are there things you could stop for a few months? Or renegotiate (like your wifi bill or your extra streaming services)?

How to Have Money for the Holidays: Step 4

Step Number Four… Focus on the Holiday Experience

You started early, made a plan, and are working towards saving. The last part of this plan is to take a deep breath and remember what the Holidays are really about: Spending time with those you love. Giving what you can. Expressing gratitude. Spreading kindness and cheer. The most important parts of the Holidays are often the things that cost the least.

Thanks for reading through these tips for having money for whatever Holiday you celebrate. We love a prepared gal!!

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xo Belle