How to Create Intentional Change in Your Life

How to Create Intentional Change in Your Life

We all want to create intentional change. We all want to grow and prosper and become better, and make the world better, and create a better future for our kids. It is something that truly unites us all – a desire for positive change.

So we’ve got that. There are VERY few people who are content with the current state, of themselves, their business, their finances, their relationships, and the world. And this is good news. Ridiculously good news actually. If you asked anyone you know if they would be perfectly happy if everything in their life (and the rest of the world) stayed exactly the same, the answer would be overwhelmingly, “NO”. We are all united by this very same wish: to make things better.

The question now goes to WHAT we want to change to make things better. For this, I obviously do not have all the answers. No one does. What you, as an individual, want to change about you life or the rules that govern your life, are ultimately up to you. That’s why this post is centred on a more universal question. What you want to change is up to you. But HOW you make that intentional change is generally accomplished in the same two ways (which I am about to explain).

1) “Change” is not a Goal

I think it is incredibly beautiful and wonderful that we all so badly want change. Currently on the topic of racism, but also in every aspect of life. We all see opportunities for becoming better – more understanding, wealthier, healthier, more loving. However, when we want this change, we need to first identify what the goal is. “Change” is not a goal, and without a clear goal around WHAT we want the change to be, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Not because our hearts are in the wrong place or we have bad intentions, but because we have to actually be working towards a purpose. A direct impact. A real, measurable goal.

Step One: Identify Your Goal

A wish without a plan is just a dream. When you want to get healthier, you don’t just set out to “become healthy” because that is too vague a goal. You will have no real way of KNOWING when you have achieved it. If your end result is health. Perhaps the goal could be to run a certain distance in a certain length of time that feels unimaginable for you at the present moment. Perhaps it is a certain number of days in the week that you move your body. Perhaps it is certain meals you commit to eating every day. There has to be an actual goal that will help you in your desire for change.

Step Two: Make Sure Your Goal is Measurable

When you pick a goal, something to keep in mind is that there has to be a way for you to measure how close you are to your desired result. Again, without that, you actually guarantee that you won’t achieve your goal. You can’t change without planning out a way to recognize what that change will look like.

Step Three: Create Actionable Steps to Accomplish Your Goal

This may sound boring. But without tactical ways to accomplish your goal, you are not setting yourself up for success. If you want to work less so you have more time for your family and your hobbies. You have to identify the steps that will get you there and schedule them in your life. Book the call with your entrepreneur friend to see how they did it. Download podcasts about how to make passive income. Write down the tangible ways you will make more money in less time (selling products, courses, starting your own business and implementing a four-day work week, etc.)

This is not an attempt to convince you to make more lists and be more organized. This is a reminder that if you have something you want to change, you have to find a real way to make that change. Have a goal. Have a way you will measure that goal (what does it look like when that goal is accomplished?). Have a plan for how to accomplish that goal. Obviously that plan will change, but without it, you won’t know if you are making any progress towards intentional change at all.

2) Focus on Yourself

I listened to one of the most impactful podcasts I have ever heard today. The podcast is called, The Diary of a CEO, by Steven Bartlett. The episode I listened to is Episode 38. And I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend listening to the entire episode. A big theme in the podcast is taking ownership for your own life. Not thinking that your life is controlled by external factors, but believing that you have the power to control your own direction and goals. It’s important, when we are striving for change, to remember that change starts with us. And ultimately, the only thing we can ever really control is ourselves.

Focus on What You Can Control

Listen, there are obviously so many things out of our control. Like where we were born and what the weather will be like on our wedding day and how others around us will react to what we say and do. But we DO have control over ourselves. We can control our own actions. We can recognize opportunities for ourselves to learn and become better. We can control what we think, how we react, we can catch ourselves slipping into old, bad habits and we can create new ones. We can create intentional change IN OURSELVES. You have no control over someone else’s thoughts or reactions. So keep that in mind when creating goals around positive change.

Remember Your Goal

When we recognize that we only have control over ourselves. Our own thoughts and actions. We then have to remember our goal. If your goal is something really big. Think about something YOU can do to make that happen. You have incredible power in your own actions. How you speak. What you buy. Your compassion. Your reason. Never forget your power as an individual. After all, a group is just many individuals coming together with a common individual goal.

We all want intentional change. We all want to contribute and make the world a better place – and that is an amazing, beautiful thing. Just make sure that when you go after intentional change, you understand how to actually make it happen.

As Always, Belle