How to Add a Special Touch to Your Life

How to Add a Special Touch to Your Life

I love adding a special touch to my day. Small details. Beautiful, noticeable, things that make me smile. The little things that make a routine or a busy day feel intentional and perfect. This blog post is all about those special touches and being intentional about them. Because a life where we feel special and worth-the-extra effort is a good life to lead.

What is a Special Touch?

A special touch is what I call an extra minute in the kitchen to set my essential oil diffuser. And a sprinkle of cinnamon in my coffee. Or a really good pen on crisp paper. These small details of my daily routine are the things that make me happy. They are not a measure of success – they are small but mighty measures of contentment through your day.

Whatever makes you happy in some small, meaningful but simple way is what I would call a special touch.

The Power of Small Details

Every journey starts with a small step. Your day is made up of your habits. Your days make up your life.

However you say it, small things add up to big things. Like a career. A purpose. A marriage. The small things we do each day make up our daily routines, and those routines turn into our life.

Spending an extra minute to finish the page before closing your book is a big deal. Saying I love you over breakfast is a big deal. Having a favourite bowl is a big deal. Any small, special touch that you add into your days is a big deal because those are the things that create a happy, satisfied life.

Adding More Special Touches

The first thing to think about is WHAT are the special touches that make you happy each day? As you go through your day, notice how each part of your routine makes you feel. Do you love good morning texts? Reading while you eat lunch? Listening to music in the shower?

Those are your special touches.

So you know the details of your days that make you happy. That’s amazing. Honestly? Just noticing these things can bring a great joy into each day. When it comes to adding more, it isn’t necessarily about treating yourself everyday. It’s just about being nice to yourself in small ways.

Being kind to yourself doesn’t have anything to do with spending copious money and time on yourself (although that’s great too). Being kind could be smiling at yourself in the mirror or lighting a candle while you make dinner. You are worth that little extra effort.

You Deserve That Extra Effort

The truth is that many of us already know what our favourite special touches are. But the only way to continue them – even on tough days – is to really believe we deserve those sweet details. Obviously we are not entitled to them. Sometimes the store is out of your favourite brand of tea. That’s okay. But it’s also okay to get really excited when they have restocked it again. Or when the bird comes to your bird feeder. Or when you find a heart-shaped rock.

You deserve to get excited about small things and celebrate every little win. Those small special touches are what create our lives.


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