Get Organized With a Bullet Journal

Get Organized With a Bullet Journal

Whether September brings you a new school year, a new job, or just a change of weather, the last month of summer always feels like a fresh start. One of the ways I like to get ready with a clean slate is to lay out my schedule and make some goals.

One of the problems with using a planner is finding one with the right layout, so when I realized I could use a bullet journal to create my own layout, I knew I had to give it a try. With a little help from Pinterest I now have a beautiful and useful planner that gets me excited to stay on top of my calendar and daily goals.

The first step to creating an organized planner is to lay out a key. The key helps your notes stay consistent and helpful. Everyone’s key can look different depending on the style of journal you have. For example, some prefer to cross out their completed tasks, while others like to put a check in a box.

I separated my planner into months, as seen above, for all my appointments and events. This gives me my month at a glance and lets me put more detailed tasks into my weekly and daily layouts.

My weekly layouts, as seen on the left here, definitely get filled up as the week goes on! I like to include a mini calendar month, a space for notes and goals, and my week presented with appointments, tasks, and events. On the right side is where I put my daily to do lists with specific tasks for the day.

I also use my bullet journal for lists and notes when I am taking in a blog, book, or podcast. Keeping crucial information in one convenient location has helped me feel more on top of my life.


If you are feeling inspired already, I definitely recommend some amazing pinterest pages such as this one by Carla | Fox Bear and Me. If you feel like this much organization ignites more stress instead of less, have no fear. The point of a planner is to bring more order and peace into your daily life, so shop around for a notebook, app, or process that feels good to you.

Good luck as we all jump into September – in whatever level of organization.

~ Belle