My Experience at the RISE x LIVE Virtual Conference

My Experience at the RISE x LIVE Virtual Conference

Although some days it’s been a bit tricky, I have been trying to find positives over the last seven weeks. Things that I have finally had the chance to do and the blessings (however difficult to find) that all these COVID 19 changes have brought me. One thing that definitely fits in that box is my experience attending a VIRTUAL personal development conference this past weekend, hosted by my favourite lady, Rachel Hollis and the Hollis Company.

The RISE Conferences are fun, high-energy conferences that focus on leadership, self improvement, health, and (for certain conferences) business. These conferences are usually held in huge arenas in the US and they are created by The Hollis Company, a media company that focuses on personal development.

I thought about going to the first-ever RISE in Toronto a couple months back but the flights and costs of the conference were a bit out of my price range at that moment. So when I saw that the Hollis Company had pivoted and was now holding a VIRTUAL conference at a super reduced cost, I jumped in and bought my ticket.

The RISE x LIVE conference was held online on May 2nd and it featured 9+ hours of speakers, workouts, and lots of dancing. I bought a General Admission Ticket ($40 USD) that granted me access to the whole conference and the chance to review the material for an extra 24 hours. The line up had speakers such as Rachel Hollis, Dave Hollis, Ed Mylett, and John Maxwell. The topic of the day was COURAGE: Courage to stay positive in times of crisis, the courage to be a leader (in family or business), and the courage to continue even when things get hard. I have put together some of my takeaways for you – to spread some of the amazing ideas from the speakers and to share my two cents on the experience.

On Courage & Confidence…

Dave Hollis gave a long and powerful talk on confidence – how to create it and how it gives us courage. The thing that impacted me most was his analysis on what he called “Central Experiences”. These are the experiences that (in our minds) have had a big impact in our lives. The big experience that came to mind for me was my sister being diagnosed with cancer. Dave talked about how the way we view these experiences have a profound impact on the way we experience our lives.

We can either see these experiences as negative, or positive. Looking back I could say, “my sister getting sick made my University years stressful, and I now live with a lot of fear of losing people close to me.” OR I could look back and think “my sister getting sick gave me a whole new perspective on the value of friends and family and making the most of each day we are blessed with.” Those are RADICALLY different takeaways from the same experience. If we know that every experience, no matter how we feel in the moment, will give us a positive takeaway in our future, how much more confident will we be when we face hard things?

On Courage & Mindset…

John Maxwell said a great line in his RISE X LIVE talk, he said: “What we focus on, expands.” If we focus on fear and anxiety, that fear and anxiety expands. Whereas if we focus on courage, family, and our health, for example, those things will take over our minds and that is what will expand in our lives. It is a great reminder that just because there are hard things happening doesn’t mean we need to focus on those things entirely.

On Courage & Leadership….

My girl Rachel Hollis tackled leadership and man oh man she was so passionate and (to be honest) I had a few teary moments listening to her speak. A big takeaway for me was that leadership is not a selfish venture. To lead anyone, your staff, your team, your family, is to accept that the whole point is to serve others. The whole purpose is to show up and be there for those around you. It’s always important to check your ego at the door.

A great exercise Rachel talked about was to make a list of the leaders you admire and then make note of what traits you most admire in them. When you have figured out what you admire in your leaders, you will have a better idea of what traits YOU want to channel as a leader. I admire leaders who are unafraid of failure. Or who try things knowing it may fail, but they try them anyway. I find this incredibly brave, and I look forward to channeling that more in my life.

On Courage & Productivity…

Ed Mylett gave some great reminders about how to be productive. I particularly liked his theory on how we maximize our time when our time is scarce. If I have a whole day to finish a project, it will probably take most of my day, but if I have to accomplish it by lunch, I can do it in a few hours. It is important to set up our calendars to limit our work time. This makes time scarce and really shrinks our focus. It will also give us more time with loved ones or doing things that make us happy. Loved this tip as it really applies now I am doing freelance work on my own schedule.

On Courage & My Experience…

I said I would be honest. There were definitely some moments of weakness during the RISE X LIVE conference. Some of the speakers were talking about parenthood (which I didn’t get much from) and some of the talks didn’t have me feeling very inspired. It was also a crazy long day. It ended up being almost 10 hours of my Saturday and I was pretty beat by the end. But honestly? I think it was worth it. I implemented some new strategies into my week for my business and personal life. I felt good knowing I had stepped out of my comfort zone – when have I ever spent my Saturday working on myself for 10 hours and dancing around my living room? (RISE events have a lot of dancing involved). Never. Not until I spent 6 weeks in my house and decided to take advantage of that opportunity.

Did focusing on self development during a pandemic feel weird? I asked myself this before, during, and after RISE X LIVE. And honestly, yes. It kind of did. But also no. Although my life is VERY different than what I expected it would look like right now, my life is not on pause. Life is still happening and we still get to choose how we approach it.

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Always, Belle