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Zero Waste Holiday Gift Ideas

Zero Waste Holiday Gift Ideas

Although Josh says that it is still too early, the holidays are just beyond the horizon and I have to say I am very excited to celebrate some twinkly lights and time with friends and family. Each year, my family chooses a theme for the gifts that we give each other – we have done everything from handmade Christmas, to fun rhymes that match different themes with different people. This year, we are doing a zero-waste Christmas.

While I was brainstorming ideas for gifts that have the least waste possible, I came up with a few winners that I thought I would share. In case you too, are looking for gift ideas that are conscious and thoughtful!


The beautiful thing about gifting plants, is that even if they eventually die, they compost! Everyone loves a beautiful potted cactus or leafy friend for their kitchen window. I suggest buying a hearty plant in a white or grey pot so it will work with any home decor. Rook and Rose is a local plant shop in downtown Victoria if you want to shop local!


Support a local & ethical soap maker this year! Choose a fresh but subtle scent like lavender or mint to work in a kitchen or washroom. A few lovely local soap crafters are Saltspring Soap Works, Metchosin Soap Works, and Free Spirit Botanicals.


There is nothing like a beautiful candle flickering as you read. I like to have one lit while I cook dinner in my kitchen. To keep this consumable gift as ethical as possible, support a local candle-maker or local boutique. Try to find a brand like the Vancouver Island Candle Company that has coconut or soy wax and a reusable container (possibly for plants!).

Used Books

Head to your local used book store and find a few gems for some of the bookish folks on your list. And although regifting is often frowned upon, finding a copy of a book you have loved and writing a sweet inscription on the inside cover is a great way to spread some zero-waste love.

Local Spirits

Support the consumable gift trend AND the local distillers, wineries, and craft breweries in your neighbourhood. Some of the local products I have been eying up is a bottle of the Kings and Spies cider from Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse (delicious and crisp), the Wild Blackberry infused vodka from Stillhead Distillery in the Cowichan Valley, and the Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine from Driftwood Brewery.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is healthy and delicious – and it often comes in a beautiful glass bottle. Olive oil may seem like a plain gift, but it can be a thoughtful and conscious present for the foodies in your life. Olive This & More is a local olive oil boutique that has infused and more conventional oils for purchase. I recommend a little gift pack (they come in sets of 4 or 6).

Sustainable Threads

If someone on your list is looking for some new clothing, I recommend supporting a local business that supports minimalism, conscious shopping, and earth-friendly materials. One of my favourites is SALT which started on Saltspring Island and now has a shop in Victoria. Another shop I think is really crushing the ethics game is ANIAN which has the most stunning outdoor wear that is made from natural and recycled fibres! Such an amazing business model.

No matter what you choose to do this holiday season, purchase consciously, make your gifts, give only consumables, buy local, or forgo gifts completely, it is important to keep in mind that we do not need to live up to this insane idea that all the gifts we give or receive need to be lavish, large, and expensive. Appreciating what we already are so blessed to have and the time we spend with those we love is by far the best part of the holiday season.

So happy shopping/happy crafting/happy gifting/happy holidays!