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Family Time in Lyon, France

Family Time in Lyon, France

“Welcome to France” I hear as our plane descends onto the tarmac. France felt warm and welcoming and historic. We saw a 9th century castle as we passed through a little French town and I fell in love. We drank the very best wine of my life, incredibly cheap and delicious cheese, and way too many croissants and baguettes.

This trip to France occurred because my little sister had the chance to participate in the “Help Fill a Dream” program. She chose to ask for her whole family to travel to France for a week to watch the 2019 Women’s World Cup, and that lead to a once-in-a-lifetime trip. We are so grateful to the program for making her dream come true.

Streets of Lyon.

Trip Highlights

  • Family Time: Spending time with my family for 8 days was a real blessing. So much time together is definitely tough with so many personalities, but getting to go on holiday together is such a rare occurrence, and taking a break from real life was such a gift
  • Food & Drink: We indulged in delicious cheese and bread all week. Our favourite croissants were from the artisan boulanger bakery in Champagne. We polished off some of the best wine of my life right from the local supermarket.
  • Slowing Down: Holidays differ depending on who you go with and what you plan to do. The beauty of family trips is the way it makes us all slow down and take time away from the day-to-day routine. It is good to accept that every trip is different and to enjoy the activities of that particular trip.
  • World Cup: The Women’s World Cup was quite the spectacle. We had the chance to watch the two semi-final games and the final match. It is wonderful to see such high-quality soccer in an international setting. Female soccer has improved so much even over the last few world cups. Even though most of the fans were American, the energy in the stands was pretty magnetic.
Streets of Anse, France.

Places to See

  • La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière: One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. A stunning castle-like cathedral that overlooks Lyon. Being inside such a magnificent church reminds me of the amazing art that humans have created over the years.
  • Vintage Market: Two whole blocks of vintage thrift market lines the streets. We wandered through old cameras and furniture and countless records.
  • Anse: A small town with a castle and cobblestone streets. The road to Anse is almost as charming as the town itself. The ride there on the bus was truly the epitome of France in my head: vineyards, fields and beautiful architecture.
  • Lake: The lake in Anse was hard to find but it was well worth the long walk. The water was perfectly blue and a welcome reprieve from the heat. Highly recommend!
The view from the Cathedral overlooking Lyon.
Vintage cameras at the thrift market in Lyon.
Bridge across the river in Lyon.
Inside the Cathedral.

Trip Lowlights

  • Bussing: Something that we had to work around was travelling without a car. We ended up using the public transit system and although it was fairly pricey, we definitely experienced France uniquely because of it. We explored more small towns around our AirBnB instead of going to big cities. The small towns made our experience in France that much more special.
  • Hiccups: Our trip had it’s fair share of problems, we had some trouble with our flight reservations and our Fifa tickets, that combined with some scary crowds as we left the stadium made for some definite hiccups. However, hiccups remind us that we have to learn to let go and roll with the punches, even on holidays.
  • Heat: We hit France during a crazy heat wave and the whole week was between 29-40 degrees. Luckily we had a pool which made the heat bearable at our AirBnB. We made sure to keep hydrated and tried to avoid walking around in the direct sun the best we could.
Lavender in the streets of Anse.
Thrift market in Lyon, France.