7 Unique Ways to Get Daily Movement

7 Unique Ways to Get Daily Movement

Daily movement is fun, feels nice, and is great for your health (mental and physical) so why do we so often avoid it? I’ve got some theories on this. I think we often struggle with this idea that movement is hard and it takes up a bunch of time in your day. Some kinds of movement definitely fits this description! But not all. By the end of this post you’ll have 7 fun and unique ways to get that daily movement in without breaking the bank or shifting your entire schedule.

For me personally, I struggled for years to get in daily movement and my excuses went like: ‘I don’t have time today’ and ‘I worked out yesterday so I am okay for today”. These excuses meant that some days my only movement would be walking from the bus to my University classes and back – not great for my physical or mental health.

I had to shift my mindset around daily movement. I started to think of walks and stretching as movement as well as soccer games and long runs. I started realizing I actually could fit in daily movement (even on incredibly busy days) if I shot for 15-20 minutes instead of an hour. I now LOVE my daily movement and I am doing 30 minutes of movement per day pretty religiously. Here are some of the unique and enjoyable ways I like to get daily movement…

10 Minute Yoga Flow

A long yoga session can take upwards of 40 minutes. But some light stretching and a few ‘sun salutations‘ takes just a few minutes! I particularly love doing this in the morning to wake my body up for the day.

Walk Around the Neighbourhood

Walking and hiking have to be some of my favourite ways to move. Walking around the block – I often do this while I am on a phone call – is incredibly calming and gets those endorphins going.

Workout Videos at Home

I love a good workout video because I don’t have to decide my workout routine the night before. I just pick a video and follow along! Check out this post on working out at home for some of my go-to workout videos.

Squats Every Hour

When I am sitting at my desk all day I can get a bit lethargic and one way I get myself revved up again is to do 10-20 squats every hour of my work day. Keeps my muscles engaged and wakes my brain up.

Dance to a Great Tune

I love putting on a fun song and dancing in my kitchen! This counts as movement even though it just feels fun.

Put On an Episode

When I am really not excited about my workout I am known to turn on an episode of New Girl to watch/listen to while I go through my movement for the day. Same with a podcast for my runs. Sometimes some good entertainment is really motivating.

Try a New Outdoor Activity – Like Tennis!

Movement is not limited to weights, running, and workout videos. Playing a sport or a game adds a level of excitement and challenge that makes you forget all about the exercise element. We tried tennis and although ‘playing’ is a strong word considering how bad we were, it was a fun time and I got a sweat on!

There you have it! 7 Ways to get some movement into your day that is neither expensive nor invasive. If you liked this post and want to get more content that helps you live a healthy, wealthy, and happy life, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

As always, Belle