6 Ways to Seek and Find Inspiration

6 Ways to Seek and Find Inspiration

Inspiration is when something stimulates you into a pursuit, creative or otherwise. It could be a moment when you see a painting, or read a poem, or smell some lilacs and you suddenly feel a certain way or get a certain thought. Inspiration is often where our best ideas come from, our best projects and creations. But where do you find inspiration? How do you get it if you’re trying to create something?

The trick with inspiration is that everyone finds it in different places. Take one person to a museum and they leave with hundreds of ideas and motivation to create something amazing. Take another person and they may feel like they are going to fall asleep they’re so bored. Also, inspiration cannot be forced. Inspiration is a new perception that comes to you at no particular moment. You cannot force yourself to find inspiration – it is given to you.

However, as a creative person, I have found that there are certain things that help in the search for inspiration. Things to do, look at, and explore that open you up to feeling that inspiration, the kind that expands your mind and gives you new ideas. I wanted to share some of these strategies with you all – because we all need inspiration in our lives whether it be for our jobs, our hobbies, or our well-being.

Try Something New

Back in January I made myself get up at the ungodly hour of 5am to go join a fitness group and run 7km in the dark before work. I didn’t think I would love it. I didn’t think I would want to go back. But I made myself do it, even though it felt strange and a bit uncomfortable, and I ended up going for many weeks after that! I loved it!

Trying The November Project earlier this year was a big step outside of my comfort zone, but from that experience came many more fitness and wellness experiences that inspired me to move my body every day. Some amazing thoughts and ideas have come from those morning workouts. Definitely get outside of your regular routine every once in a while, and see what inspires you.

Read and Listen

Reading (poetry, non-fiction, and novels) can really cultivate ideas and allow you to find inspiration. Hearing other people’s thoughts, learning new skills, or just letting yourself feel moved by the written word is powerful. In the interest of time management, I also think podcasts can expand your mind and create inspiration. Find some of my favourite podcast episodes in my January, 2020 blog post about podcasts.

Explain Yourself

When you have an idea for a book, a recipe, or a business but you don’t feel 100% sure of your idea, I recommend explaining it in words. Explaining your idea to a trusted friend can be so helpful in giving wings to your idea. Writing it out in a journal helps as well. For myself, lately I have been using the Voxer app to send myself voice notes about ideas. Using words to explain your thoughts can clear up any messy or unnecessary details.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

When I started my blog I knew I wanted to help people live a beautiful life through health advice, personal finance tips, and a positive mindset, but I wasn’t always sure what I would write about to share that with my audience. It was difficult to feel inspired to write blog posts on command. However, I found that the more I did it, the better I became. The more I sat down and brainstormed post ideas or dedicated an afternoon to writing, the better my inspiration flowed to me.

Try committing to writing (if writing a book is your goal, for example) for a certain amount of time each day. Pick a certain number of words. Repeating your creative process regularly doesn’t mean it will always be inspired, but it will help you improve!

Go Somewhere

Take a drive. Take a hike. I like to explore new local hikes to feel the sunshine and fresh air. I have been known to talk to myself on particularly deserted walks (getting those thoughts out, you know?) But exploring any new environment can help you find inspiration. Recently I discovered Bilston Creek Farm in Metchosin, BC. I have been really enjoying spending weekends in their field, eating, reading, and enjoying the smell of lavender.

Take a Break

And of course, if you need inspiration you probably also need a little break. Stretch. Close your computer. Leave your paintbrushes. Step away for a while before returning. Sometimes space from your work is what will bring about the very best inspiration.

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As Always, Belle