4 Tips for Keeping Healthy

4 Tips for Keeping Healthy

Back in 2017 and 2018 my family spent a lot of time in hospitals due to one of my little sisters struggling with her health. During that time we became very aware of germs and keeping as healthy as possible. And although I just got over a cold (gotta get more greens!) I have been working on doing more for my health. These are some of the habits I have been working on implementing in the past few months.

Green smoothie recipe

Obsessed with my greens during the cold season. Green smoothies seem to be on trend lately but I find so many recipes are too sugary, too unhealthy or turn into a mushy grey, which is very unappetizing. I have come up with this killer smoothie mix and it is tasty, healthy, and stays a beautiful green!

All you need is frozen mango chunks, unsweetened vanilla oat milk, one banana, and a TON of kale. I load up the kale for the nutrients, use oat milk and banana for creaminess, and mango for flavour. Blend up until smooth and drink up. I bring a big mason jar of this for lunch sometimes and I feel full & healthy.

Hand Sanitizer

My mom taught me this brilliant health tip, keep a fun bottle of sweet-smelling hand sanitizer in your purse! It keeps hand sanitizer handy for when I am out in public without easy access to somewhere for hand washing. My favourite hand sanitizers (and yes, I never thought I would say those words) are the Everyone Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray – Coconut Lemon and the the Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer – Lavender.

6 Glasses a day….

Drinking lots of water has countless benefits, which makes sense considering our bodies are around 60% water, but I have always struggled with drinking lots regularly. Until I started setting 6 glasses a day as a goal. I try to get 3 glasses before noon and then the remaining 3 generally come pretty easily. I started by logging these in my daily planner and now it is just second-nature.

Take a Break

Some say that sickness is your bodies way of telling you to take a break. I definitely agree that you only have so much energy, and a recharge can help keep your body and mind fresh. Like many, I struggle with relaxing and taking a real break from work and goals and the go-go-go lifestyle. BUT…I am trying. I have been working on taking breaks by sleeping in on weekends when I need it and practicing some lighter forms of movement like yoga and slow walks around the neighbourhood.

And those are the four healthy habits I have been working on implementing for the past few months. And now, I am off to sip on my green smoothie!