12 Resources for Self Isolating

12 Resources for Self Isolating

Day… 20! 20 days of self isolating with my boyfriend in our cozy suite. As I am writing this it is raining and I am trying to get through this blog post before I take on two zoom calls. Josh is in the living room at his desk (I am SO grateful we rented a suite with multiple rooms so we can still have personal space) and “Mess” by Noah Kahan is playing softly in the background.

Although there have definitely been some tears shed and some hard moments, I have had more good days than bad days in the past 20 days. I thought I would share some of the resources that have helped me in the past 3 weeks.. from staying positive, to keeping myself entertained, to taking control of the things I can. I hope these resources & tips inspire some goodness in your life!

Staying Positive

The Start Today Journal

Each morning I start with writing in my “Start Today Journal” which is really just a Hilroy notebook where I write down three things to start the day with gratitude & purpose:

  • 5 things I am grateful for today.
  • 10 dreams I have for my life (big, crazy dreams!) and I write them as if they have already happened (in present tense).
  • 1 goal I have for my day (today’s is finish this blog post!)

This strategy is taken (and slightly modified) from Rachel Hollis and the Start Today Brand >> Find out more about the process HERE.

Daily Movement

Moving my body every day has literally been a life saver. I try not to pressure myself to do a specific kind of movement each day. Some days I have done a neighbourhood walk and yoga, other days I have done HIIT. Depends on what I need that day. But movement is a non negotiable for me right now.

Some of the workout resources that have really helped me are the LeanSquad youtube videos (their 7-day Quarantine challenge videos are AMAZING) and the @shreddy instagram account posting daily challenges. And of course Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube is a solid go-to.

Creating (Just For Fun & For Business)

I sat down on my bed the other day and drew! I can’t remember the last time I sat and drew just for fun. Creating for fun has been something lovely that has come out of being at home. It really relaxes me and helps my mindset. Having this blog has also given me a creative purpose – from coming up with topics, to writing, to photographing things in my home.

And as I was thinking of things I could create at this time, I wanted to make a resource for small businesses or people just now trying to take their brands onto social media with purpose. So I spent a few days creating a FREE downloadable PDF with all of my tips for instagram. You can download yours by subscribing to my weekly newsletter. Just sign up, confirm your email and you will get your copy delivered to your inbox.

Taking My Time in the Kitchen

We are all cooking & baking so much more than before. And one way I keep positive is I really let making food be a whole process. I give myself plenty of time, I put on music or a podcast, I find new recipes, I dance in the kitchen. Taking my time has made making food a really positive experience.

The food isn’t anything incredibly new or special. I have been making a lot of stir fry, buddha bowls, pasta, wraps, etc. But if you are looking for some of my go-to cozy meals, find them in my past blog post HERE.

Keeping Myself Entertained

Movies We are Watching…

Needless to say we are watching a lot of Netflix at the moment… here are a few of our recent watches:

  • The Imitation Game. A movie about cracking the Enigma code in WWII starring Benedict Cumberbatch – a great film!
  • Booksmart. This was hands down my movie of the year for 2019. It is a coming of age comedy starring two best friends and it is HILARIOUS.
  • The Spenser Confidential. Josh’s goofy crime movie pick but I actually really enjoyed it!
  • Salt. I had never seen this before even though it’s from a while ago. Angelina Jolie stars and it reminded me a lot of the Bourne movies.

TV Shows We are Binging…

  • Safe. An 8-episode series by mystery writer Harlen Coben. I love whodunits and this show was suspenseful and intense! Really kept me engaged.
  • The Stranger. Another mystery show by writer Harlen Coben. These shows are very dramatic and keep me guessing the whole time.
  • Tiger King. I feel ashamed but it is so shocking and a crazy watch!
  • Sherlock. Notice a mystery theme? I love this show and Josh had never seen it all the way through so we watched the whole thing.
  • Brooklyn 99. This sitcom has kept me company when cooking, or when I need a laugh. I am such an Amy it’s crazy!

Books I am Reading…

  • Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You by Alice Munro. Reliving my modern fiction class from my English degree with a collection of short stories. A beautiful ode to how no one is truly ordinary.
  • Washington Black by Esi Edugyan. A UVic alumnus writes an intricate tale of a young slave boy in the 1800s and his journey through young adulthood. A great historical fiction piece.
  • Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. Just started re-reading this for some entertainment! I love Dan Brown’s high-speed, complicated mysteries.

What I am Listening To…

  • Books and the City Podcast is inspiring me to read more!
  • The Skinny Confidential Podcast has so many inspiring and interesting guests on their show – I’ve been doing some re-listens to some of their episodes.
  • I have been listening to a lot of John Mayor and Shawn Mendes…
  • #10 playlist (by Chelsey Jade Curtis) is a great spotify playlist!
  • Busyhead album by Noah Kahan

Taking Control of What I Can

Daily To Do List

Creating a daily to-do list has really kept me feeling in control (even when I’m not). For any A-types out there, this is a must. Even if the only things on your list are calling a friend and doing laundry.

If you want to keep yourself in a bit of a routine, I highly recommend hopping on week #2 of the #Next90Challenge, a 3 month challenge from the Hollis Company that encourages growth & following the daily 5 to thrive (30 minutes of movement, staying hydrated, giving up a certain food group, daily gratitude, and get up earlier). If you are interested, you can sign up for free, HERE.

Cleaning My Space

One thing I can control is what my space feels like. I like a clean, organized home so I have been taking on little cleaning and re-organizing projects to keep me in control of my environment. Watering my plants, cleaning out my closet, wiping down my fridge, and re-organizing my pantry cupboards are a few things I have taken on to make me feel more in control of my life.

Following the Government’s Instructions

Although it may not be fun… another thing I have been doing is scheduling Government applications and deadlines on my calendar. Like EI reports, filing taxes, and CERB portal openings. This makes me feel on top of the things I need to do in terms of employment and paperwork. No, it’s not a fun reminder, but it does make me feel more calm and organized.

Routine (When I Need It)

Morning routines are a big topic right now. Have you maintained your religiously or has your routine fallen apart? I am somewhere in the middle. My wake up time has changed (mostly due to struggling to fall asleep) and some of my normal rituals have shifted to other things. But I like to move every morning, have coffee while I do my start today journal, tidy the kitchen, and create a daily to do list. Having some kind of routine, even if it’s different than before, has helped me feel more on top of things.

That said, giving myself permission to be gentle with myself and not hold myself to such a high standard has also been really important. Do what feels right for you!