10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

I think we all crave simpler things. Mom’s homemade cookies. Tidy spaces. Time to read with our morning coffee. Laughing with friends around a fire. Less on our to do list. Shall I go on? But it’s hard to simplify your life all at once. So I have created this list of 10 easy, small steps that will help create that simplicity we all crave. I know I love keeping my life full, but minimalist. Less, but better. Simpler, but richer.

Tidy Your Space Every Morning

I love to start the day with a tidy house, but I don’t love tidying before bed. So every morning I tidy the house from the night before (pick up glasses from the coffee table, fold blankets, etc) and this helps my mindset so much! Especially while working from home, having a clean space keeps me more focused and engaged in my work. Not distracted by messy dishes or an unmade bed. Try just 5-10 minutes in the morning and see what a difference it makes in your environment.

Know Your Three Big Tasks

As many of you know, I am a to do list enthusiast (and that is even an understatement). But even if you don’t live by your lists, we all have lots of things we want (or need) to accomplish each day. But do you start each day knowing what your big three tasks are? The tasks that will make the biggest difference in your day? Today, my three big tasks were: Invoicing, this Blog Post, and preparing for a video interview I have this afternoon. Having three big focus points really breaks down your tasks into MOST important and “it would be nice to get these done” – type tasks.


To really simplify your life, stop what you are doing (look up from your screen reading this) and take a breath in and out. This is so helpful for noticing if you have tense shoulders, noticing your emotions, and really just taking a second to notice the moment. Great for when things feel stressful (like when I was paying bills earlier today – just breathe) or when you’re rushing through something. Remembering to breathe is a quick and easy thing to do to create a simpler moment.

Time Block

Time blocking is efficient and it can majorly simplify your days. Time blocking is just taking one task and doing ONLY that task for a longer period of time. If you work from home right now, perhaps schedule all your emailing for 9-11am and then close your email to do your other tasks for the next few hours. I will often do a bunch of blog writing in one day so as to be efficient, and honestly just keep my days simpler.

Leave Your Phone in Another Room

I use my phone every day for work. So I don’t feel like I can just be off my phone for a week. But I do see so much value in leaving your phone in a separate room if you are doing something that doesn’t involve your phone for a while. Right now my phone is on the kitchen table while I type this blog post in my living room. It really does keep me focused on the task at hand.

Don’t Do Things You Find Useless

So you might be looking for some new things to try to simplify your life, but also make it richer. But you don’t have to do any of these things if they don’t do it for you. I was doing yoga every morning for about three months. But now my schedule has shifted and I find myself much more attracted to HIIT workouts and running these days. The point is, you don’t need to do anything that doesn’t help you for real. If you try tidying your home in the morning for a week or two and it stresses you out and takes away your morning walk time, then dude. That is not helping you. Make sure you try new things but feel free to let go of what doesn’t work for you.

Schedule Laundry Days

Having a schedule for boring tasks like laundry, cleaning the fridge, or honestly anything you don’t love doing all that much takes it out of your mind. I do laundry Wednesday and Saturday. So I never think about whether we need to do laundry because it is already on the schedule. This is not just for my over-planners out there – this is for everyone! Scheduling hum drum tasks leaves more space in your mind for happy tasks, projects, and moments.

Don’t Over-Complicate Things

Getting bored of hearing that daily movement, greens, and water makes your life better? Too bad. Creating a simpler life is about acknowledging the simple truths. Drink the water. Eat the veggies. Move that bod. It’s not complicated. It’s not a crazy algorithm. It’s simple.

Learn to Notice the Current Moment

This kind of connects to the breathing tip. But this one is more about realizing the good things in your life WHILE they are happening. When I think about spending time with my family, I definitely feel good. But when I am spending time with my family, look around at everyone laughing and teasing each other, and really notice how grateful I am for them, THAT is the moment that feels truly good. Just remembering to notice the good things while they are still happening brings a simplicity to every moment.

Morning & Evening Routines

What I mean by this is just routines in general. Although routines might appear “boring” what they actually do is create a rhythm for your life. And living in a healthy rhythm is an amazing strategy to simplify your life. Perhaps you like to drink tea before bed. Or you like to shower as soon as you wake up. Having some little rituals in your life keep your life flowing smoothly. Right now my morning routine includes such simple things like: making my bed, tidying the house, working out, showering, and making coffee. These simple activities mean I know exactly what my mornings will look and feel like and I can set myself up well for my day.

I hope you find these 10 tips helpful – even if you just get one great takeaway, I hope it makes your life simpler, fuller, and happier. If you love tips that create a healthy, wealthy lifestyle, you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter for extra ideas delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning.

As Always, Belle