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Belle White

Belle White

It's a Beautiful life | lifestyle blogger & photographer


beau·ty: A combination of qualities…that pleases the aesthetic senses and/or intellect. 

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by my website where I look at what it means to create and live a beautiful life. My name is Belle and I am a photographer and writer based in Victoria, B.C. on Vancouver Island. I love hiking, a well-organized day planner, and of course, capturing beautiful moments on my camera. 

As a photographer, I love capturing authentic moments of laughter for people who believe in celebrating every chaotic, beautiful minute. As a lifestyle blogger, I explore the ways we can use health, organization, adventure, and love to create intentionally beautiful lives. 

A little more about me…

> I have been taking photos for 7 years, take a look at my portfolio here.

> I work for a local magazine publishing company.

> I am the oldest of 6 sisters and I love being a big sister.

> My boyfriend and I love drinking craft beer and trying new breweries.

> I love philosophy, I even majored in it in my bachelor’s degree!